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So what exactly is Beanbag Coffee? It’s our take on Asian style coffee. It’s real coffee made with real hands. No fancy machines.

We create our unique blend with coffee beans from India, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and beans from a small family-run farm in the Sethuraman estate in Southwest India, in such a way to give, what we believe is a unique taste.

Using a traditional thai cloth filter, we soak our blend just below boiling point, capturing all the taste and textures of our blend, which we then serve to you. 

Here at Beanbag Coffee, we will not mask our coffee with too much foam. We keep things simple and craft our coffee. Our skill is in our passion to make not only great coffee, but interesting coffee.

As a company we try to ensure that everything that we use comes from sustainable sources as well as being environmentally friendly. All the growing and processing of beans we use is done organically and ethically.


  • Deep, dark and delicious

    Jean Mallo
  • The best coffee in London – if you think you like coffee do your taste buds a favour and try some BeanBag coffee. I can’t emphasise enough how good Gary’s stuff is.

    Martin Simpson
  • My new coffee obsession

    Michelle D'Onofrio
  • Unique tasting coffee – Both Coffee addicts and Non-coffee drinkers will love it ….. Try the iced coffee too Ammmmmazing

    Lifil Minns


we offer hot and iced coffees. why not come see us and give them a try?

     signature coconut
    black / white
    filter expresso
    bagged iced coffee
    weekly special


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